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About Us


Where best to start? Certainly, there are a great many places from which my jump-point should be (or, rather, is and has been at one time earlier), and yet I'm lost as to how a beginning for this might be. Perhaps, leaving you with nothing, as I so think it should be anyways, you might find any reason to discern from any of which I might write a numerousness of perceivable interpretations--we implore this. We don't write to find an audience, we simply write to find ourselves, despite the cliche that presents. We write to better our writing, and in the sense of writing and its unfaltering growth there inherent, we shall always be writing to better our writing regardless. Our works then, are presented to you, reader, as we're fond of you if you are fond of us; if it is untrue, this fondness, then hopefully those beside and before us shall suit your wants mightily better.