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  • R.T.


The yellow dawn's good lullaby

is not far along from my heart,

and I, the good knight, prince to my kingdom,

prince to the thuds in my chest,

must from my eyes quickly part.

It need be hard to wanton walk

and know the whilst it is so;

For each clang of chink-armor talks

and speaks, "Love abounds not to those who see,

but for those who blindly go.

And to your eyes the enchantress vile seems,

but in your sight now gone,

Has proven that not in the forest will peace behold,

but where it is arid and dry:

there, the sweet song is not sung,

there, by the sweet voice you are told

How love was waiting all along."

Because love is blind,

you mustn't look to see;

because love is blind,

only hear the lullaby,

and true love shall be.