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The Oceans Where the Colossus Sinks

Updated: Mar 13

--After Emma Lazarus ("New Colossus")


Percy Shelley ("Ozymandias")--

I met a brazen giant,

Who said—“I’ve seen the future, and in it

I am forgotten; no longer

Stand in the awe of, and remain

Half sunk below the sea-washed, sunset gates;

And wrinkled are the rusty flakes of my copper lip.

And the people who worshipped me

Tell that the world-wide welcome

Which yet survived no longer does

to command any air-bridged harbor;

The hand that adorned a beacon,

And on the beacon, the flame extinguished.

My name is Mother of Exiles

the mother of mothers.

Look on my burial grounds that yet be drowned--

Nothing beside me but the water I shall sleep in--

and see the copper covered iron body of mine;

Of that colossal Wreck. Boundless and bare

The lone and level waves stretch far away.”